Inquiry Team

Team Mission Statement
Originally created, the Inquiry Team was a small number of teachers in our building who analyzed data and made recommendations.  With the implementation of Data Driven Instruction (DDI), all teachers are involved in the collection and analysis about how the students are performing and what teachers can do to adjust instruction accordingly.  In the new model of the Inquiry Team, members are now facilitators and leaders in our school to help assist in achieving the goals of DDI and improve learning for all stakeholders.  
Inquiry Team Purpose
  • Gathers and prioritizes information for the purposes of elevating student and staff achievements.
  • Supports and trains the faculty in the implementation and support of the Common Core Standards preK-12 
  • Enrich Professional Learning Communities (PLC) with the emphasis on best practices across grade levels.  
  • Analyzes data and makes recommendations for instructional change and enrichment for our staff and school community.   
2014-15 Goals 
  1. Making data readily available and meaningful for teachers and staff in their classrooms.
  2. Attaining research materials at Area Network Meetings and online through EngageNY, we make this information readily accessible for all staff to utilize at their professional discretion.
  3. Researching best practices within disciplines and to turn-key that information to faculty and staff.
  4. Offering professional development for all stakeholders (teacher/staff/parent/student) who are involved in the implementation and execution of the Common Core Curriculum.
Inquiry Team Members
Kelly Coons: PreK-12 Data
Danielle Dorsey: 5-12 Math/Science
Lauren Freed: PreK-4 ELA/Math
Bonnie Johnson: Professional Embedded Staff Developer
Matthew Jones: 5-12 Specials
Thomas Molle: 5-12 ELA/Social Studies
Renee Moyse: PreK-4 ELA/Math
Upcoming Professional Development 
*Making Data Relevant.  
*Practices across the Board - Sharing Different Practices from grade level to grade level.
*Department Goals: Update Curriculum Maps across grade levels.  
*School Wide Goals: Promoting Literacy preK-12.
*Google Docs for Professional Development.
Ongoing Professional Development (Offered at
*iPad and Technology : We Got Apps, Offered 8/14
*Smart Board Level 1 (7/24, 8/19) Level 2 (7/25, 8/20) 
*K-5 Math Progressions: Numbers and Operation -Fractions (8/5)
*If you have problems registering for any of these Professional Development Opportunities, contact