Global Studies 9

Welcome to the first year of Global Studies. Students begin their two year study of world history with Early Peoples and Civilizations and end with the Age of Exploration.  The course also includes a midterm and final.

Helpful Information:

Current Events- Current Events assignments are due each Wednesday unless students are told specifically that they do not need one for that week. Assignments are graded on a scale of 1 to 10 points each week and are added up to a test grade at the end of the marking period.  Students are not permitted to turn current events in late. The assignment requires students to find an article about something happening outside the United States (since they are learning Global Studies) and summarize what has happened.  They also need to include a paragraph describing their opinion about the event.  Generally, their grade will improve with increased effort on their opinion.

Some helpful sites to find articles include:


Discovery News


Vocabulary Quizzes - Students have vocabulary quizzes approximately every two weeks based on content specific vocabulary.  A handout of the quiz lists was given to students on the first day of school... In case they lost it, the file is below.

Geography Quizzes - Students have a geography quiz for nearly every unit that we study.  Quizzes will consist of a map with locations to label.  Students will be given maps to practice on as the date of the quiz approaches, and were given lists of locations they are responsible for on the first day of school... In case they lost it, the file is below.


If you are interested in what will be covered in class, please refer to the curriculum map file below.