SCHOLARSHIP Opportunities 2017-2018

General Scholarship/Financial Links:

Scholarships with a JANUARY deadline:

SFCU Scholarship

    Students must be credit union members to qualify.

    Applications are available online only at    
    Deadline 1/5/18 

Empire State Potato Growers Inc Scholarship

     Seniors pursuing an agricultural-related area of undergraduate study
     Application is in counseling office or can be found at  

     Deadline: 1/15/18

Scholarships with a FEBRUARY deadline:

Chen-Del-O Federal Credit Union Scholarship
    Student has to be a member
    Or find the application in the counseling office
    Deadline 2/2/18 

Ned Carter Memorial Scholarship
    For students related to a firefighter, are a firefighter themselves, or be an Explorer.
     Or find the application in the counseling office
     Deadline 2/24/18 

NYWEA Scholarship

For students going into Environmental careers

    Deadline 2/28/18 

American Society of Military Comptrollers
For students who demonstrate leadership; an interest in financial management   
     Application is in the counseling office
     Deadline 2/28/18 

Scholarships with a MARCH deadline:

American Legion Auxiliary Scholarships
*Department Scholarship
*Department District Scholarship
*Raymond T. Wellington Jr. Memorial Scholarship
*Past President's Parsley Scholarship
*Helen Klimek Student Scholarship
*Maryann K. Murtha Memorial Scholarship
*The Cerullo Memorial Scholarship
*Children of Warriors national President's Scholarship
*Spirit of Youth Scholarship
    Applications are in the counseling office
    Deadline 3/1/18

FASNY Volunteer Scholarship
    For students who serve as Junior firefighter, Explore Scout or RAM or volunteer EMS
    Visit     Deadline: 3/15/18

The Cristin Ann Bambino Scholarship
​    For students interested in special education.
     Applications are in the counseling office.
    Deadline: submission to Mr. Hildebrandt by 3/20/18
 The Paul Jensen Memorial Scholarship
​    For students who have excelled in design/creative.
     Applications are in the counseling office.
    Deadline: submission to Mr. Hildebrandt by 3/20/18

The Joseph Goncalves Student Humanitarian Scholarship
​    For students who plan to attend a NYS school and demonstrate humanitarian service
     Applications are in the counseling office.
    Deadline: submission to Mr. Hildebrandt by 3/20/18

Catskill Community Players' Awards
​    For students who intend to major in music education or some area of the performing     arts.
    Applications are in the counseling office.
    Deadline: 324/18

Amy Bindelglass Memorial Scholarship
​    For seniors and juniors, must write an essay on organ and tissue donation.
     Applications are in the counseling office.
    Deadline: 3/30/18

Scholarships with a APRIL deadline:

Delaware County American Legion Scholarship
     Based on academic and extra-curricular activities.
     Deadline: 4/6/18

Ehlermann-Fedderke Descendants Foundation Scholarhip
For seniors who are residents of Delaware county. For students entering engineering,     education, physical science and other related Technical fields.
    Applications are in the counseling office.     

     Deadline: 4/16/18

Scholarships with a MAY deadline:

Fox  Hospital Auxiliary Joanne Burdick Scholarship
     Senior must be entering nursing or a human health related field of study.
     Applications are in the counseling office.          

     Deadline: 5/1/18

Otsego County Federation of Sportsmen

For seniors pursuing one of the following careers: Criminal Justice, Environmental     Sciences, Forestry, Fisheries or Wild Life
    Applications are in the counseling office.          

     Deadline: 5/4/18