harter, jamie

Mr. James Harter

ph:(607)278-5511 Option 4

Title 1 Point of Contact


Parents and guardians


Summer is here!!!  Please take the time to have a fun and relaxing respite with your child and or children.  We look forward to see them the 1st week of September.  Keep them engaged with the world around them.  As humans we learn everyday good or bad.  Just the way it is.  We encourage you to get your child outside and active.  We encourage you to spend a few minutes reading with your family everyday.   We encourage you to challenge your students on things they don’t know.  This is the summer of Why.  Why does this or Why does that.  Don’t let your child off the hook !!!.  If they get it right praise them.  If they don’t answer correctly, show them where they can find the answer.  Have fun, be engaged and have a wonderful summer!!!

  Paw PrintRead with your child every day and ask “What was the best part of your day?”